What are the best national parks in Wyoming?

What are the best national parks in Wyoming?

Wyoming boasts some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the United States, making it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. With its vast expanse of rugged terrain, towering mountains, and diverse wildlife, Wyoming’s national parks offer unparalleled opportunities for adventure and exploration. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you on a journey to discover the top national parks in Wyoming, each offering its own unique charm and beauty.

What are the best national parks in Wyoming?

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone, America’s first national park, is a mesmerizing wilderness that captivates visitors with its geothermal wonders, dramatic landscapes, and abundant wildlife. From the iconic Old Faithful geyser to the stunning Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, this park is a treasure trove of natural wonders waiting to be explored.

Grand Teton National Park

Nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Grand Teton National Park is renowned for its towering peaks, pristine alpine lakes, and meandering rivers. Whether you’re an avid hiker, wildlife enthusiast, or simply seeking tranquility amidst nature, Grand Teton offers endless opportunities for adventure and relaxation.

Devils Tower National Monument

Rising dramatically from the rolling plains of northeastern Wyoming, Devils Tower is a geological marvel and sacred site revered by Native American tribes. Visitors can marvel at its sheer cliffs, embark on scenic hikes around its base, or even try their hand at rock climbing for a truly unforgettable experience.

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area

Spanning the border between Wyoming and Montana, Bighorn Canyon offers a serene escape into the rugged beauty of the Bighorn Mountains. With its towering cliffs, tranquil waters, and diverse wildlife, this hidden gem is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Fossil Butte National Monument

For those fascinated by prehistoric wonders, Fossil Butte National Monument offers a glimpse into the ancient past. Explore the remnants of an ancient lakebed, marvel at exquisitely preserved fossils, and learn about the rich biodiversity that once thrived in this ancient ecosystem.

Hot Springs State Park

Situated in the charming town of Thermopolis, Hot Springs State Park is a natural oasis renowned for its therapeutic hot springs and stunning landscapes. Visitors can soak in the healing waters, explore scenic hiking trails, or observe native wildlife in their natural habitat for a rejuvenating experience.

Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area

Named for its vibrant red cliffs and spectacular canyon views, Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area offers endless opportunities for outdoor adventure. Whether you’re boating on the pristine waters of Flaming Gorge Reservoir, fishing for trophy trout, or hiking through scenic wilderness areas, this hidden gem promises an unforgettable escape into nature.

FAQs about Wyoming’s National Parks

  • What is the best time to visit Wyoming’s national parks? The best time to visit Wyoming’s national parks is during the summer months, from June to August, when the weather is mild and the parks are in full bloom. However, each park offers unique attractions year-round, so plan your visit according to your interests and preferences.
  • Are there any entrance fees for Wyoming’s national parks? Yes, most national parks in Wyoming charge entrance fees, which vary depending on the park and the type of pass you purchase. However, there are also fee-free days throughout the year, so be sure to check the official park websites for more information.
  • What activities can I do in Wyoming’s national parks? Wyoming’s national parks offer a wide range of activities for visitors to enjoy, including hiking, wildlife viewing, camping, fishing, boating, photography, and more. Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Wyoming’s pristine wilderness.
  • Are there any accommodations available in Wyoming’s national parks? Yes, most national parks in Wyoming offer a variety of accommodations, including campgrounds, lodges, cabins, and RV parks. However, it’s important to book in advance, especially during the peak summer months, as accommodations can fill up quickly.
  • Are pets allowed in Wyoming’s national parks? While pets are allowed in some areas of Wyoming’s national parks, they are generally not permitted on trails or in backcountry areas. It’s important to check the specific park regulations regarding pets before planning your visit.
  • Are there any guided tours available in Wyoming’s national parks? Yes, many national parks in Wyoming offer guided tours led by knowledgeable rangers and naturalists. These tours provide valuable insights into the park’s history, geology, wildlife, and conservation efforts, making them a great way to enhance your visit.


Wyoming’s national parks are a testament to the beauty and diversity of America’s natural landscapes. From the iconic wonders of Yellowstone and Grand Teton to the hidden gems waiting to be discovered, each park offers a unique opportunity for adventure, exploration, and inspiration. Whether you’re seeking rugged wilderness, tranquil beauty, or thrilling outdoor activities, Wyoming’s national parks have something for everyone to enjoy. So pack your bags, hit the trails, and embark on an unforgettable journey through Wyoming’s pristine wilderness.

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